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Sharing your results

Planning effective communication and dissemination strategies with the adequate dissemination material is part of this Structural Change process, and aim at promoting knowledge sharing, greater public awareness, transparency and education.

The aim is to create a virtuous cycle of influence, making results more sustainable, maximising their impact, optimising investment, improving systems, pooling knowledge, and eventually feeding back into policy-making.

The dissemination strategy can be explained as the combination of any appropriate tools to present, make known and accessible your results to a specific target audience and stakeholders, through clear and specific message and within a certain period of time.

Discover some of INTEGER dissemination videos:

There is a wide variety of dissemination methods. Appropriate knowledge and skills are necessary to select the right one(s), get the message to the target audience and achieve the purpose of the dissemination strategy. With respect to character the action, the following dissemination channels can developed in the dissemination strategy:

  • Professional magazines, newsletters, posters
  • Presentation at conferences, workshops open days, demonstrations
  • Networking
  • Internet based communication
  • Organizing conferences and workshops

Five strategic levels of dissemination and exploitation of resutls have been identified during the INTEGER project:

  1.    A clear rationale for and objectives of dissemination and exploitation
  2.    A strategy to identify which results are to disseminate and to which audience
  3.    Determining organisational (institutional) approaches of the different stakeholders and allocating responsibilities and resources
  4.    Implementing the strategy by identifying and gathering results, undertaking dissemination/exploitation activities and collection of feedback as appropriate
  5.    Monitoring and assess the effects of the activity and amend when necessary to improve the effectiveness