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Review your Action Plan

The objective is to clarify and adapt your Institutional Transformational-Gender Action Plans to ensure they are tailored to meet the three implementing organisations’ prevailing contexts and issues, and that targets and indicators are realistic and measurable.

Every year a review of the progress achieved should be carried out by the implementation teams at each institution and informed by evaluation rounds. Monitoring and self assessment templates are provided here to help you during this process (see step Check).

As a result, Review Reports covering activities implemented at an institutional and local level should be published, and shared across the institutions, as well as gather advice from Expert Groups and External Advisers, to enable the revision of the action plans if judged necessary. The findings shall also be presented to senior management teams, so that lessons learned can be assessed on the macro level.

Through discussion and constant feedback from implementation team and Experts, you will be able to review the T-GAP and reconsider the efficiency of each of your actions.