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Know your institution

Getting to know your institution is the very first step : collecting data and running surveys will provide the sound basis needed for the definition of comprehensive Transformational-Gender Action Plans best tailored to the issues to be tackled.

There are various ways of getting to know your institution to determine the forms of intervention and targeted actions needed to ensure transformational change :

  • Online survey - designed to explicit both closed (quantitative) and open-ended (qualitative) responses
  • Site visits and focus group discussions

For the data collection:

  • Contact your Human Resources and Quality Assurance departments/Research Evaluation unit, and ask which data is available and which of this data is sex-disaggregated
  • Give consideration to international statistical definitions when collecting HR data for small units, such as laboratories, faculties or schools
  • Consider the objectives of your T-GAP in your institution when deciding which items you should include in the monitoring of the T-GAP implementation process