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Exchange Experiences

The aim of Exchanging Experiences is to share knowledge and good practice linking to a wider network of expert practitioners

The idea of EoE Seminars is to share learning and pull together common issues, common approaches and common learning, and devolve agreed approaches for overcoming obstacles encountered in implementation:

  • Present the issues of the organisations  
  • Share common issues
  • Discuss and agree approaches
  • Decide common activities per theme
  • Decide on appropriate approaches for localised conditions
  • Potential for adaptation of approaches for localised conditions for both the Organisational and Local Transformational Gender Action Plans

Potential participants:

  • Gender experts (internal and/or Expert Group) and the Ambassadors, to offer advice on approach and to the Implementation Teams within a mentoring framework
  • A member of the Organisational Implementation Team
  • Local Implementation Team members: Head(s) of Unit(s) and one male and one female researchers from each implementing organisation
  • The evaluators