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Design your Action Plan

The purpose here is to construct tailored Transformational-Gender Action Plans (T-GAP) based on the findings of the baseline data assessment, and taking into account inputs from Experts and Ambassadors.

The T-GAPs should tackle both institutional-level actions (i.e. targeting the institution as a whole) and local-level actions (i.e. within the target Faculties/Institutes/Schools).  It should also contain  instruments, tools and approaches to be used to address the identified issues at both levels.

As an example, all three INTEGER implementing institutions (CNRS, TCD and ŠU) have succeeded in defining comprehensive pluriannual Transformational-Gender Action Plans tailored to their institution’s organisation, culture and needs – with specificities that had been identified through a detailed baseline data assessment – and targeted towards both the institutional and local levels.

These T-GAPs have been endorsed by each implementing institution’s top-level senior management and have been successfully implemented by their implementation teams, around four main themes:

  • Engagement of decision makers
  • Organisational structures
  • Work-life balance
  • Career progression, development and support

T-GAPs should remain flexible and annual adjustments shall be part of the overall process.