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Build gender competence

In the work towards engaging both men and women in changing institutional culture by transforming gender schemes, one needs to be committed to deliver and develop the highest quality training.

Currently, there are no common guidelines for organisations to lead them through the process of creating a targeted agenda for this type of training or for finding and selecting quality training services in gender equality.

Implementing a successful and effective gender training at institutional level in respect of quality standards should take into account the environmental conditions and context, which consists of 3 key areas:
1) Teaching
2) Learning methodologies
3) Facilitator profile

Then, the questions to be considered when delivering or commissioning training services include:

1) Content and materials: wWhich topics are most relevant for the organisation? Which training materials would be the most appropriate?
2) Teaching and learning methodologies: What would be the best approach in order to achieve the set goals? What kind of exercises would be best?
3) Trainer’s profile: What knowledge, skills and competences should a gender trainer poses? How can these be verified?