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To date, substantial progress has been made at each partner institution. T-GAPs remain flexible and readjustments are foreseen, as a result of reviews reports.

Changes will endure beyond the life of the project as a result of enhanced capacity built within partner organisations, and the ongoing commitment of senior management within those organisations as a result of the recognised benefits, in terms of enhanced reputation and profile. Institutionalising our actions, by e.g. developing new policy, is now a priority for all three implementing institutions.

Partners wish that INTEGER serves as a practical catalyst for the larger community of research institutions to engage in transformational change, in complementarity with other similar ongoing initiatives, such as sister FP7-funded “structural change” projects, or the GENDER-NET ERA-NET, a pioneering transnational research policy initiative involving a dozen of key national-level players (e.g. ministries, funding agencies and national organisations, joining forces to promote gender equality through structural change as well as the integration of the gender dimension into research contents and programmes